Houseboats – A unique boating experience!

Is it a boat or is it a house? At Jade Boat Loans we don’t discriminate – a houseboat is a vessel that moves on water so we consider it a boat and offer great loans for the purchase of houseboats.

Houseboats offer a unique boating experience and a great option for holidays or, for the fortunate, a great permanent place of residence. They are designed for still waters – rivers, lakes and bays – and you’ll find houseboats a popular sight on the Murray River on the Victoria-NSW border, in the Hawkesbury, north of Sydney in the Pittwater region and in other suitable locations around Australia. There have been a handful of permanent houseboats in Sydney’s Middle Harbour for decades and they have become iconic landmarks and much coveted.

If you’re considering buying a houseboat for your own personal use or as a business proposition, we cover off on some key aspects to assist your decision-making.

Initial Considerations

There are a few basic guidelines to start narrowing down what you’re looking for in your houseboat:-

  • Dual or mono hull: Houseboats come in both mono hull and catamaran design. The dual hulls provide greater stability.
  • Predominantly cruising or permanently moored: the style of houseboat you want will be determined in part by whether you want a boat or more of a house.
  • If you intend to live on your houseboat, you will need to check with the council and maritime services in your state around restrictions to do with living aboard, where this is allowed and where you can arrange a suitable mooring.
  • Size: houseboats are available in a range of sizes, with multiple levels. Size may be determined by the number of guests you would like to accommodate or the living space you require.
  • Storage and other facilities to launch water-based recreational vehicles, dinghies and other ‘toys’
  • Manoeuvrability: how easy the houseboat is to steer and cruise along the waterways of your choice and your boating capabilities

Speaking with Jade Boat Loans about a pre-approved loan may also assist your purchase process.

New Houseboats

Many new houseboats are custom-built to suit the individual specifications of the buyer. This is a great opportunity for you to have exactly what you want in your own unique house on water. Houseboats are very popular on the Murray River so it’s not surprising that several of Australia’s best houseboat builders have their manufacturing operations on or near the Murray in Victoria.

Buyers can create initial plans from the resources on the boat builder’s website and visit the factory to see their houseboat in production and select the finishes, fixtures and other customised features.

Here are a few specialist houseboat builders to check out:-

  • Baldwin Boats in Mildura have been building houseboats since the 70s
  • Specialist houseboat builder Anchorage Houseboats have their operations in Eildon.
  • Also in Eildon is The Houseboat Factory which create an extremely luxury range of vessels. Their designs are sure to get your mind working overtime about what you want in your houseboat.

There are some new stock houseboat models on the market available through some of the houseboat builders and other sources.

Used Houseboat Market

Houseboats are a niche market so it’s highly unlikely that you will find a huge selection on the second-hand market at any one time. But Boat Sales does have a category for houseboats and worth a look. Another option is to engage a boat broker to source you exactly the houseboat that meets your requirements.

Houseboat Loan Options

As well as presenting a great lifestyle and boating options, houseboats can offer a great business opportunity as rental and hire boats.

For operators looking to upgrade their houseboat fleet or new people looking to get into the business, Jade Boat Loans provides a full range of marine commercial finance products including:-

Refer to our web pages for all the details on these products, consult with your accountant as to which is best suited to your business and call Jade Boat Loans for a quote.

For those purchasing a houseboat for their own private use, a Secured Boat Loan is the most popular type of loan. Some lenders have restrictions around the age of the boats they will finance. If purchasing an older, used houseboat, this may need to be considered. An older houseboat may be a great renovation project! In those cases, your Jade consultant can source you a quote on an Unsecured Personal Loan.

For more information on houseboat loans and finance, speak with a Jade Boat Loans consultant 1300 000 003