Boat Customisation or Costimisation?

The true cost of adding accessories, extras and customising your boat

However, customising may mean costimising with possible impacts on boat warranty, boat insurance, boat guarantees and both the cost of the accessory and your overall finance package.

While you’re adding custom finishes to your boat you could be adding costs to your wallet.

The Right Time to Accessorise

If you select the accessories you want at the time of purchase, the cost of the extras can be included in your Jade Boat Loans deal. Giving you an all-up cost and suitable monthly repayments.

Saving you dipping into cash funds to purchase items separately at a later stage.

The purchase price of individual items may be less when included with the original boat sale, rather than as an after-sales purchase. The recommended retail price as an after-sale purchase may be higher and you may be able to negotiate a deal with the seller to include some options in the purchase price. This may even be presented to you at the time of sale.

While it may appear like up-selling from a keen boat dealer, it may actually be a cost-saving benefit for you.

Boat warranties are written based on the boat ‘as presented’, as delivered or purchased and may (every warranty is different so check details with the dealer) include the manufacturer’s recommended accessories and options.

If you add accessories or options after-sale, it may impact on the conditions of the warranty, especially if the items are not manufacturer-approved. In some instances, speciality customisation may negate the warranty.

This same scenario may apply to your boat insurance policy. You take out a policy based on the boat as purchased, with whatever gear and equipment you include. If you purchase and install, say a bimini top and covers after the sale, these may not be included in your insurance policy and this not be covered. In some instances, added extras may need to be considered under a separate policy or require you to pay additional to extend your policy.

The Right Brand

Selecting manufacturer approved accessories versus another or generic brand in accessories may seem a cost-effective decision, but could have effects on your costs in the other direction. Before making that decision, read the fine print on your boat warranties and insurance policies to ensure it is the right decision.

At Jade Boat Loans, we advise our customers to include accessories and options, even the cost of say the trailer and the first year of insurance, into their new or used boat loan package.

We are specialists in marine boat finance brokers so we know boats and we know finance and can mix the two to your advantage. By sourcing you a great deal on your complete boating finance package.

So before you start customising your boat, consider the cost factors!

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is sourced from government and reputable sources, however, it is intended as a guide for general information.