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You need a boat sales company that is highly knowledgeable on boating and has several kinds of boats to choose from. They should know how to get you what you want in a vessel. Such a company should be big on quality, affordability and of course the client. Services and products offered by a boat sales company are numerous. Here are some different options online boat sales.

Boat loans

Boat loans offer a convenient means of keeping your sailing dreams buoyant. Payment arrangements can be flexible depending on the credit agreement. Extensions and refinancing are always possible. Marine vessel financing enables you to pay in manageable installments. Jade Boat Loans has the skills and resources in getting the loan package you need. More Information on boat loans.

Used boats

These offer an affordable alternative to buying a brand new boat. Shortage of money need not sink you sailing dreams. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a boat that has seen a little action. With a bit of sprucing up the vessel can be as good as new.

Luxury boats

You could be looking for something to show status and flaunt wealth. A good boat sales company will strive to get you amenities worth every cent you put into purchasing your vessel. Find the right organization and you can pick out a luxury boat from its vast fleet. Indulge your sailing dreams. More on Luxury Cruiser Sales.

Jet skis

These provide a great way to get an adrenaline rush. Jet skis offer an exciting way of spending a vacation in the water. You can choose between single and multi rider jet skis. You want a boat sales company that allows you this choice. There are many things to consider when getting one of these babies. Your boat sales company should help you pick the right jet skis.

New ski boats

These boats are best suited for lovers of extreme sports. Your boat sales company should help you get one that best fits your thrill seeking ways. Nothing beats the excitement of racing through the water being towed at breakneck speeds.

Fishing boats

These marine water craft can either be recreational or commercial. Either way they should have enough room for your gear and a place to store you catch. If you want to do a lot of fishing on sea water, get an aluminum vessel. These are resistant to rust. Boat sales companies should ensure you buy a durable boat.


These boats were meant for privacy and leisure. They can operate on either wind or motor. A boat sales company should have a diverse collection of yachts for you to choose from. Use our yacht loan calculator and contact our team if you're interested.

Power boats

Motorizes vessels offer great speed and maneuverability on the open water. Motors they use vary in terms of horse power. Most power boats nowadays use high speed water jets instead of screw propellers. This helps with handling.

Sail boats

They run wholly or partly on sails. Numerous types of sail boats exist in the market today. From sloops to cutters a good sales company ought to help you differentiate and pick out a suitable sail boat. Make sure you get exactly what you need.

Boat insurance

Sailing can be a risky affair at times. Bad weather, accidents in the open water and even theft can cause much apprehension. Boat insurance provides peace of mind. In case something happens to your vessel you get compensated. Various types of marine insurance are currently available in the market. Use Jade Boat Loans for your comprehensive insurance. We have excellent choices in affordable boat insurance.