Online Sales Websites

Astute boat buyers are taking advantage of the convenience of boat sales websites to source suppliers, review what is available in the market place both locally and overseas, compare prices and in many cases, actually buy a boat online.

You can browse the boat sales sites from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or boat, using your computer, tablet or mobile phone and save a lot of time heading to various locations for inspections
But some people are still a bit wary of dealing online and with so many boat sales sites emerging, we have reviewed our top three, to assist you in getting the most when searching for your dream boat in the online marketplace.

Boatsales and tradeaboat are extremely useful for buyers of both new and used boats, power and sail and even accessories and parts. When we reviewed Boat Sales they had 15,623 boats currently listed for sale – that should be plenty for even the most discerning and particular buyers to choose from.

Advanced Search Functions

Boat Sales and Boat Point both offer extremely advance search functions so you can quickly and easily narrow your search down by multiple categories of boat type, used and new, make and price – just for starters. If you’re searching for something close to your location to save on transport costs, search by location.

The listings are extremely informative with a plenty of detail on the condition of the boat and engine, specs in both feet and metres and clearly indicated if the boat is offered for sale privately or through a dealer.

They also note if a Boat Facts report is readily available. This is extremely useful as this will save you the money and time of organising a report yourself and you can review all the details before you organise a test cruise.

Trader Boat is a classic favourite for old salts and they have made the move from that fabulous print magazine to the online platform very successfully. Previously known best for advertising second hand boats for sale, Trader Boat now offers an extremely comprehensive range of both new and used boats through private sellers and dealers.

The website has a very well set out Refine Your Search box on the home page and clearly shows how many boats are available by location, type, new/used and even year of manufacture.
Just a tip – sellers can often pay a premium to have their listing appear high up in their category. So make sure you scroll through the list and don’t just focus on the first few. You don’t want to miss that gem of a used boat being offered by a private seller.

Listings, Information - Plus More

While the prime purpose is to advertise boats for sale, these websites have developed into a total information centre on all things boating.

Along the menu bar, you can click on and read the latest boating industry news, reviews on boat models, engine reviews, review tow tests – a bonus for anyone in the market for a trailer boat and even watch videos on topics of interest.

And of course, there are links for great finance deals with Jade Boat Loans!

Each site has a great blogs section, with new posts on a whole range of topics and issues regularly added. So even after you’ve made your boat purchase, these websites are worth keeping in your ‘favourites’ for regular reference.

Know the difference between Phishing and Fishing

For those relatively new to the online market place or not totally comfortable with this style of shopping, these websites offer excellent information and tips in their Help Centre. Sorting phishing from fishing!
Of particular note is the information on the Boat Sales and Boat Point websites in regard to online safety and scam defence. No one wants to fall prey to online scammers and despite the great comradely amongst the boating fraternity, there will always be a few bad fish in the sea! Remember if you do encounter scammers report it - You can use this website.

To assist both new users and veteran browsers, these websites have put together sensational information and a handy guide on what to look out for in scam emails and some excellent advice in scam defence. In particular – false enquiries, phishing and payment scams. Valuable information for both buyers and sellers.

They provide simple steps to assist you in outsmarting the tricksters! Definitely worth a read.
The adage, ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’, is no longer an ‘old’ saying, it is extremely relevant in today’s boat buying market, especially online. If in doubt, check it out!

So take on board the tips and hints that these professional websites have to offer – the information is free but it could save you a lot.

Whenever you are buying or browsing online, it is advisable to follow the basic tips of online enterprise and make sure you have up to date virus software and firewall software installed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and if making online payments, ensure the seller offers a legitimate and certified payment system.

Boat Sales, Boat Point and Trader Boat are fantastic resources for anyone looking to buy a boat.

  • You can see at a click what is available throughout Australia
  • Compare boat prices from the comfort of your lounge room
  • Set your boating dream budget, based on reality
  • Uncover a hidden gem without leaving home

When you’ve found the boat you want to buy, talk to us at Jade Boat Loans for easy boat finance approval at cheap boat loan rates.