Choosing a Sail Boat

There is something visceral about being out on the open ocean with no mechanical engines to drive you forward, only the wind in your sails to keep you moving. Choosing a sail boat for a leisure craft is about a personal choice in what you want. Remember these great tips for choosing a sail boat to fit your lifestyle and family.

The Right Sail Boat

There are many different kinds of sail boats, from sloops to catamarans, with different abilities and usages. There are cruising sail boats with onboard engines as well as those with no engines. Make sure you know what you are getting into and how your choice will impact your family or passengers.

There are sail boats that offer solo sailing and those that require a crew. Understanding these basic differences in size, crew requirements and abilities of the sail boat will help you narrow your choice.

Sailing Costs

The purchase price of a sail boat is often just the first investment sail boat owners make. Many that purchased used or new boats also spend a considerable amount in the upkeep and upgrading of the boat to their preferences. When looking at the costs of sailing, some say allow to adjust your expenditures a 20% increase monthly to ensure these extras are taken care of.

There are many additional costs as well including boat insurance, mooring costs, storage and even yacht club fees. Make sure that you have disposable income monthly to account for these hidden costs of sailing as well.

Sail Boat Loans Approval

Don't wait until you have found your new sailboat to buy. Why risk loosing the sale over a period of getting your approval. Get a pre approved beforehand and have things ready to buy. There is nothing better than negotiating a better price because you have the money at hand ready to go. Remember getting pre approved does not commit you to taking anything and does not cost anything if you decide not to buy. Get more information from Jade on our affordable Sailboat Finance, Interest Rates and Finance Terms

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The Buying Process

Searching for a sail boat is not the same as simply buying other pleasure crafts. A sail boat can be a much more personal purchase. From buying a vintage sailing vessel to investing in the latest technology, there are sail boats from used to new that fit into every niche.

The best advice is to ensure you take your time in search of the perfect sail boat for you. Getting a full boat survey will help ensure the quality of the boat, engine and frame. These inspections can ensure you get a boat that is up to certain specifications and there are no surprises after the purchase. If you think the sail boat is the one, get the owner to take you out for a sail, observing them the entire time. Note any discrepancies in usage or how the boat is sailed. This can often provide insight into not only sailing that particular craft but also if there may be issues.