Finding The Right Second Hand Boat

Boat sales are very common particularly in warm weather countries such as Australia, and the like. With a minimal investment, one can buy a very nice boat for skiing, fishing, or just taking it easy. Ski boats are very popular because speed is something we all like for added thrill. When considering purchasing a second hand boat for sale, it is helpful to speak to someone who has a working knowledge of them to avoid getting, ripped off and more importantly to avoid purchasing something that requires significant work.

Many people buy boats for the enjoyment of relaxing on the water. Some buy fishing boats to fish and others buy boats to work. Whatever your reason being, owning a boat is similar to owing a horse or a beautiful dog. They are great, but the maintenance can be daunting so it’s important to research the boat you want to buy. Many used boats for sale require some attention which may work in your advantage. Most of the time you can purchase them for less money and repair it yourself or find an affordable repair shop.

With the plethora of boats for sale and boats to buy, one has unlimited options. Buying used may be the economical way to go. It really isn’t necessary to spend huge sums of money on a boat. Similar to buying a car, one wonders if it is better to buy new or used, but new lavish boats can be bloody expensive, making a boat sale very practical. Often times, folks get rid of boats for reasons other than malfunctioning or maintenance problems.

What to keep in mind when buying a boat

When you’re searching for used boats to buy you should ask the right questions. Here are a few so you know what to ask and look for:

  1. Ask them about the boat in general. Find out if the person is the original owner. If they are ask them specific questions about how the boat was cared for, stored and if it had ever sat unused for a length of time. If they are not the original owner, see if you can find out who was and try to contact them to ask the more specific questions.
  2. Ask about the usage of the boat. Was the boat used for fishing, pleasure, in or off shore, fresh or salt water? How many hours has the engine? Boat Engine usage is recorded in hours similar to kilometers in cars.These are key questions to ask when your looking at various used boat sales.
  3. Ask about the repairs the boat has undergone. See if the owner can list them off to you and how they were handled. Was the boat repaired by a professional or was it done by an amateur? Ask if the boat needs any repairs at the moment. If repairs have been made the owner should have record of when they were performed, who performed them and how long ago it was.
  4. Get the details about the condition of the deck, the interior and upholstery. You’ll want to get information on the hull and exterior cosmetics and if there are any blisters or dry rot. Don’t be shy to ask these detailed questions; remember this will be your money invested so make sure you get the facts.
  5. One of the best questions to ask when your considering different boat sales is, “why are you selling your boat?” This may take the owner for surprise but try to get the honest answer. Many times the owner wants to upgrade or is moving but if their response seems shady and dishonest, keep asking questions and eventually you will get to the bottom of the issue.
  6. Find out if the boat has ever been in an accident. If it has, what was the outcome and how was it repaired.
  7. You’ll want to know when the last time the boat motor was serviced and the history of the prior services. If they have not had the boat motor serviced properly their maybe concerns to the motors condition.
  8. Lastly, ask what electrical accessories come with the boat. Find out if any of them are not functioning properly (GPS services, etc.).

With so many boats to buy, you want to be an educated buyer. Take some time to look online at popular boat sales websites, and use search engines to look for information on different manufacturers. When you buy a house you want to know everything; the good, the bad, the indifferent. The same is true when purchasing a boat. Buying a boat is a large investment that can reward you with countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment or a headache and disappointment. By asking the right questions and knowing what to look for, you can avoid any unwanted surprises and ensure you’re getting your monies worth. Don’t settle for second best; be an aggressive consumer and do your homework before making any boat sales.

Lastly have all your finances ready. If you need a loan to purchase have a pre approval organised with Jade boat loans. You will be properly armed to purchase when you find that right used boat deal when talking to boat dealers, boat brokers or a marine purchase privately.

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