Fishing Boat Sales Tips

When you are looking for fishing boats for sale, you have a lot of work to do prior to actually attending any sales that you find whether these are boatyard fishing boat sales or online. Here at Jade Boat Loans, we try to help you to reach the best decision for your needs, and also help you get the finance that you need to complete the deal.

First, before you even attend a sale, you have to be clear in your mind what it is that you are looking for. There are fishing boats and fishing boats, and it makes a tremendous difference whether you are fishing carp in a lake, where these intelligent fish tend to congregate away from the shore, or for sea bass or even tuna in the ocean. In the one case you are best with a quiet flat-bottom punt or tinny, and in the other you will need a powerful boat with a good hull and probably also some berthing accommodation.

Ensuring Adequate Amenities and Equipment for Your Expeditions

So, how many people will be in the boat? Will your trips involve overnight sleeping accommodation and if so for how many; is your boat intended to hire professionally on fishing trips, or just for you and your mates or your family - if so how many? Will an open boat with an outboard do, or do you need cabin space and a fixed inboard engine? Do you want live bait tanks, catch tanks (live or dead?), rod holders, rod racks, swivel chairs, GPS, fish finders, emergency equipment such as rockets or flares and individual VHS radio or GPS locators?

All of these questions have to be answered and you are the only one that can answer them. Once you have decided exactly what you must have, make a list. Then go seeking fishing boats for sale, and take your list with you. Don't even look at a boat that doesn't tick all the boxes. Because no matter how wonder and beautiful she looks, you will get used to her and repent at leisure. It's the boat we are talking about here mind!

Arranging Your Finances and Securing a Boat Loan

Once you find a boat that meets your needs, what next? Buy her, you say, but with what? Do you have the cash in hand, or will you need a Boat Loan that's secured? If you need fishing boat finance, then you will have to get that organized before you can make an offer because you have no idea how much the lender will give you. Nobody selling a boat will hold it for you while you try to get a boat loan to pay for it - they might, but only until somebody offers them the cash there and then, and then the verbal agreement to wait is forgotten.

At Jade Boat Loans Australia we recommend that you get your boat loan agreed before you attend fishing boat sales. If you go seeking fishing boats for sale without your finance organized in advanced, you are liable to lose the boat that you have fallen in love with because, while you are off trying to arrange the finance, somebody else walks in with the ready cash and gets it.