Jet Ski Etiquette

One of the best parts about the summer is enjoying the beach and partaking in a number of different water sports. Every year, jet ski manufacturers put out a number of new jet ski models to get individuals excited for the water. The weeks before the summer officially begins, more and more people are buying new jet skis in anticipation. And although new jet skis definitely add fun and excitement to anyone’s summer plans, there are a number of responsibilities that individuals need to understand. Avid jet skiers need to ride their new jet skis in a sensible, safe manner. This will not only keep them safe but also others around them in the water. It is essential to understand proper jet ski etiquette when sharing the ocean, sea or other bodies of water with not only other jet skiers, but other people enjoying the body of water. Individuals will find that a majority of these rules of etiquette are quite similar to driving.

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Just like automobiles and other vehicles, there is a right of way for jet skiing as well. It is common courtesy to always give boats, fishing, and commercial vessels the right of way at all times. If an individual is approaching an oncoming vessel, they should remain to the right of the vessel. If a jet skier is going to cross paths with another jet ski or boat, the one on the right side of the jet ski has the right away. If an individual adopts the rules of the road for the water, it will keep them, and those around them, safe.

Again, similarly to driving on the road, jet skiers always need to be aware of others in the water. When driving, an individual is always using mirrors and turning their head from side to side to see others on the road – same is true for jet skiing. Individuals must always lookout for traffic while in the water. Always identify where other boats are and the direction they are heading in before making a turn or crossing a wake. Collisions are the most well-known accident to occur on the water with a jet ski. Always pay attention to the surroundings.

Safety Equipment

Always have the necessary safety equipment on when taking out new jet skis on the water. Life jackets and eye protection are a must. Life jackets prevent drowning if thrown from the jet ski and eye protection inhibits water from obscuring vision. Wet suits are also advised. Many regular jet skiers also recommend attaching a whistle to the life jacket to get attention if there is an emergency situation. One of the most important things to have is a safety lanyard. It is attached to the individual and the engine of the jet ski. If the jet skier falls from the jet ski, the lanyard will cut the engine of the jet ski, causing it to stop. Not only does it prevent the occurrence of bad accidents but it also prevents the jet ski from straying too far away from the owner.

Always be aware about the amount of noise a jet ski makes. Many individuals enjoying the beach often complain about the loud noise jets skis make when in close proximity to the shoreline, other boaters, and properties along the waterfront. If going at high speeds, which tend to make more noise, stay further away from other individuals. As well, if going for a jaunt in the early morning, keep the noise level to a minimum.

Just because individuals are on the water and not land in their new jet skis, it does not mean they can go as fast as they want. Most beaches have speed limit regulations set for new jet skis on the water. It is the responsibility of the jet ski owner to find out the speed limit. If a jet skier does not follow the speed limit, they will end up with a fine.


Lastly, always keep nature in mind. Have new jet skis periodically checked for possible fuel leakage problems. If the jet ski is a multi-seater one, make sure those on the jet ski do not litter. Also, do not have the jet ski running by aquatic vegetation or wildlife. Usually those areas will be marked off and prohibited.

Jet skiers need to always keep in mind that they are not the only ones in the water. There are other jet skiers, boats, swimmers, surfers, fisherman and other individuals also enjoying the water. Always respect their rights, as well as your rights to total safety.

If you need more confirmation on Jet Ski regulations check with your local state websites to what is required.

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