Luxury Cruiser Sales Tips

When looking for luxury cruisers for sale, it is important that you have some idea what you are looking for. We are not all Roman Abramovich and able to build our own boats to our own specifications, but you should still try to ensure that the luxury cruiser you buy makes as many of your dreams come true as possible.

Any luxury cruiser will be costing you a substantial sum of money, whether bought new or used, and you should have a list of what your needs are before attending luxury cruiser sales. How many berths do you need - if you have a large family, don't sell yourself short on sleeping accommodation. Storage capacity: if you are going on a long ocean cruise you are going to be taking some luggage with you - all of you!

Key Equipment and Party-Ready Amenities

What equipment do you want in your kitchen, and what other facilities do you need. How about a diving platform: do you want one that opens hydraulically, and do you need fishing equipment such as rod holders and racks, a swivel chair with seat belts and do you have enough ice boxes, coolers and party equipment. In fact, how about a good party rig, with the best stereo equipment?

Get a list drawn up before visiting luxury cruiser sales. The are many luxury cruisers for sale that will not be anywhere near what you are looking for, so take your list with you when you go to view them and get your sea trial. You can't buy a luxury cruiser without a sea trial. Listen to the motor as it starts - are there any starting problems? Check all the electrical and hydraulic equipment - make sure it all works as it should. Make sure the radio and radar are operating correctly.

Ensuring Safety and Emergency Preparedness on Board

It is very important to check all the safety equipment and make sure that you have the rockets, flares, lifejackets, lights and even enough lifeboat spaces if you are purchasing a large boat. Not all luxury cruisers for sale will be equipped with the safety and emergency equipment that you feel might be necessary. You might have to purchase some extras yourself, but it is important that you know this before you have an emergency than when your boat is in trouble.

Acquiring and Managing Boat Financing

If you have never had a luxury cruiser before, get yourself trained in how to use all the equipment, and on what radio frequencies you will find services such as the coastguard and lifeboat service. Then buy the boat - if you have the finance.

Many people attend luxury cruiser sales, see the boat they have been dreaming about and then realize they haven't got the money to pay for it. They know that of course, but haven't taken the time to get their finance arranged in advance. They might ask the seller to keep it for them until they get a boat loan organized, and the seller might agree - for now. In spite of that verbal agreement however, if somebody comes along with the asking price in a suitcase do you think the seller will refuse the cash? Of course not!

It is important that you get your boat finance agreed in advance, so you know how much you can afford to offer, and can then make payment on the spot. Not necessarily in cash of course, but by signing the contract that secures you the boat with a guarantee of the money - backed up by a call to your lender if necessary. Nobody will insist you pay 100 grand in cash!

Securing Comprehensive Boat Insurance

Not all luxury boats cost that much, of course, and you can pick up a luxury cruiser for less, but you have to know where to look. If you can secure your secured boat loan from the same site that sells you the boat, then you should get a very good deal. The same applies to your boat insurance. That can be quite high, depending upon where you intend to use the boat. Some policies will cover you to a certain distance from shore, such as within your national waters, but go international and ocean cruising will cost a lot more.

Combining Loan and Insurance Payments for Convenience

This is where it helps to tie in your boat loans with your boat insurance. You are then paying just the one payment each month. Many who fail to do that tend to overextend themselves on the boat finance and then find that they can't afford the insurance. So they underinsure themselves, and when the inevitable happens, they lose the boat but still have to maintain their loan repayments. Using an easy boat finance calculator can assist you in making informed decisions about your financing and insurance options.

Here at Jade we are as easy as a phone call 1300 005 233 for both boat loans & marine insurance.

When you decide to look for luxury cruisers for sale, then you must a) buy what you need, b) get the best boat loan you can negotiate, and b) include your insurance with the boat loan so that you are covered for the use to which you intend to put your boat. Luxury boat sales can be fun, but don't forget the basics.