Malibu Ski Boats Review

There are some companies that have a lot more to contribute to history than others. These are the companies that kids grow up hearing fantasy stories about and would love to know more as and when they do get older. Malibu is one such company, which started in the year 1982 to move on and develop some of the best products that one can come across in the field of water based activities. Their ski boats are the best in the class today, and they have a lot to offer to their customer.

Here is a range of some of their finest products and what defines it as well as how it stands out on its own

The vRide Series

This is one of the cheapest boats offered by Malibu, and should not be confused for lower performance. If there is one thing that this boat will assure, then that would have to be stellar performance. You can be assured that this is one of the top in the game and will perform flawlessly when put to task. The series was also known as the wake setters and is a very popular model with the customers. Owing to the low cost, many people go in for this model when they are trying out Malibu skis for the first time.
The machine is extremely capable, with engine choices varying from the standard 303 horsepower engine to a full-blown 505 horsepower. Hence, depending on what you would like, you might be able to customize your boat and order that particular model. There are many other customization options available with this series. These boats are performance oriented, and have won some prestigious awards including the Dallas Friday in ’06 and the Soven’s Pro Tour title in ’07 among other things.

The Response Series

This is something that professionals make use of in order to win championships. The boats are exquisite by design and one of a kind. The first thing that you would observe when you step into the boat is the high level of technology that does duty in here. The gorgeous 5” LCD screen in the center of the console is made of some advanced material that is capable of showing information clearly even in bright daylight. Malibu has put a lot of effort to ensure ease of use with this particular machine and the results are quite evident. One can also appreciate the high levels of luxury that the response series offers.
The engine options with this boat aren’t any different and pretty much around the same figure. In fact, you can get the boat with engine power starting from 330 horsepower, all the way up to 505 horses, in case you need them. The two popular variants in this series are the LXi and the FXi. The latter is roomier and is more comfortable than the former. Both these models are equally capable and can deliver really god performance too if needed.

The Sunscape Series

This is the series that is designed to deliver performance with style. It has a cutting edge design capable of really pushing the limits of performance while seating you in comfort. The different trim options in the Sunscape series includes the 20 lav, the 21 lav, the 23 lav and the biggest 247 lav. Depending on what you define luxury as, you can go in for one of these many different models. There are a number of different customization options available at each trim. In fact, the highest end luxury model, the 247 lav, even has LED interior lighting and available Rockford Fosgate speakers to make it a truly memorable time while in the machine.

This Malibu Ski has pretty much the same engine options as the previous models. Depending on the variant that you choose, you will also get different seating options to opt for. Here too, it is possible for you to decide on what you would like to make use of and which kind of seating will work better for you. Bigger models emphasize more on the seating, while retaining many of the performance advantages of the smaller models.

The Wakesetter Series

If there ever was a ski boat as technologically advanced as the wake setter, then Malibu might have been in trouble! This is probably one of the most advanced boats offered by Malibu, with a lot of technology integrated to ensure that you concentrate on having fun while the boat looks after itself. The boat is quite a capable monster, able to cruise at high speeds effortlessly and even reaching these high speeds in a very short period of time.

Engine range starts from 350 horsepower and goes all the way up to 505 horses. The seating for the top of the line model is a staggering 16 people, which is impressive by any standards. With so many luxury options, it is difficult to think that this boat is actually tuned for performance as well.

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