Ski Boats For Sale

When most people looking for ski boats for sale reach a boat yard, one of three things will happen: they don't see anything and have to travel further up or down the coast, they see the boat of their dreams and decide to buy it or they see something else they hadn't considered, fall in love with it, and the ski boat is forgotten about. Let's consider each of these and what it means to the buyer in respect of how we can help.

1. They See Nothing Suitable

This happens frequently, but the prospective purchaser doesn't necessarily go further up the coast. If they do decide to look elsewhere, then they are keeping true to their needs, and waiting until they find a ski boat to buy that suits them. However, many just buy something that might do as a ski boat. It might be designed for wakeboarding, or is just a fast cruiser or fishing boat. Whatever, it is a compromise because the best ski boats for sale have been designed and built for water skiing and nothing else.

If they decide to wait, then they have a fair bit of traveling to do, with all the costs involved in that. They might never see their heart's desire, and end up with nothing or they might eventually just settle for the compromise.

They See the Boat of Their Dreams

They are looking for ski boats for sale, and they find one that they love. They now have the problems of finance. If they don't have cash in pocket, then they could lose the boat. They go to the seller and ask them to hold the boat and they will be back in day or two after arranging the boat loan. What would you do if were selling that boat? I wouldn't wait, and nor would I take a deposit if offered. If somebody came to me with an offer and with their finance already agreed, I would take it - or tell them somebody had offered more, so what's their next offer?

They See a Boat of Their Dreams - Not the Ski Boat

This happens. You go to buy something and see something else that looks just fabulous, so you get that instead. It might be the best party boat you have ever seen, it might be a fabulous old sports cruiser, but you just have to have it whatever it is. It might cost more than your ski boat, but it makes no difference. That's your boat. Same thing though: you still need the boat finance.

It's pretty obvious where this is going now. It's not just about what boat you choose, but about getting the finance. In each of these cases, other than the buyer finding nothing and going home empty-handed, when seeking ski boats for sale, boat finance has to be arranged, and arranged very quickly. How do you do that when buying a boat from a yard, with the owner's hand out awaiting payment? You can't.

Now consider us. At Jade we fully understand these problems because we have been in the finance industry for many years, and are one of Queensland's top lenders for cars, trucks and boats. We know what your problems are, and those above are just a few of them.

By means of our experienced list of brokers, Jade can get you loan for your boat very rapidly, and often in time for you to pay the seller before the boat is sold to somebody else. However, we can offer even better: our online boat sales partners.

What should you do?

If you click through to our partners from the link on our website you will find dozens of ski boats for sale online. You will also find over 500 boats in total in case you decide to change your mind. Once you have chosen the boat that you want, guess what? All of these boats have been pre-approved for finance, and all you need do is arrange boat finance to a certain limit based on your financial circumstances and what you can afford to repay. Our experienced brokers can help you decide what figure that is, then all you need do is click to our partner's website and choose a boat within your budget. The listings can be sorted by price so you don't even have to look at what you can't afford.

Then it doesn't matter which of 1 - 3 you are of the above. You can buy anything you want without worrying about getting the finance, because you have already been pre-approved for a certain sum. You don't have to spend all that, but you can spend up to that, so if you see that great party boat or open-water cruiser, then you can go for it without having to go back to your lender asking for more.

You can avoid having to purchase a 'compromise' boat because the range of ski boats we offer is bound to contain something to suit you. Our partner site offers a wide range of ski boats and a wide range of prices. In fact, because of our expertise, you can buy something better than you thought because Jade Boat Loans can help you get a bigger boat loan for what you can repay - we even have boat loans with poor credit!

When you are looking for ski boats for sale, visit Boat Sales and see their range of ski boats. We can arrange the boat finance and boat insurance right here now. Get pre approved today for boat loans.