Used Jet Ski For Sale

In the summer of 97, my sister and I escaped the frigid kiss of winter and cozied up in the southeast for a little extra vitamin D intake and beach time. After our third day of beach napping and baring all our pastey skin before these residential sun experts, we were hungry for a little vacation – “oomph”. We had family in the area who owned a couple of used jet skis; the very lift we were looking for.

While learning to use a jet ski may seem effortless, and possibly not worth the trouble for such a short adventure, the responsible practices are worth the effort. Anytime you mount a watercraft of such powerful proportion, be sure that you are vested in quality safety gear. We took a quick 20-minute jaunt with an experienced rider who was familiar with the quirks of this particular used jet ski in order to learn how to handle this wild water beast.

After mastering the steering, (a feat similar to riding a bull) we felt confident to risk the open waters. Within 15 minutes bay porpoises were weaving water braids in front of our ski lines, and although for a seventeen year old the scenic view was romanticized- feelings of apprehension arose. Jet skis can be a dangerous toy in the water to sea life. After losing a trail with these dolphinesque sea creatures, we zipped through harbors and cautioned our ride under bridges while avoiding rocky reefs.

A deceivingly hearty sport, sis and I found ourselves parched in a short time. As a fair warning to riders, the wind force is enough to counter the feeling of over exposure to the sun, but truthfully most riders experience dehydration due to long sponge baths of UV rays and an unexpected work out handling a 400 lb used jet ski. Muscles are flexed for the entirety of the ride. Slicing turns in the water and holding on for dear life during a 65 mile an hour sprint across choppy water may be injected with adrenaline, but leaves the inexperienced rider tender and bruised in the aftermath.

After our adventure splurge in the open ocean, we were satisfied with what our used jet skis were able to provide during our vacation. Sore but satisfied.

Purchasing a Jet Ski

After arriving home, we were already scheming to purchase a used jet ski for sale. It’s like a drug. Open water, - fresh wind and a guaranteed tan on even the most overcast days, not to mention the fun workout that put Zumba to shame. Upon researching the used jet ski market, there is surprising a large population among land locked residents of used jet skis, and a secret cove of hidden lakes in the remote islands off the coast. So, this summer, we’re bringing a little of Australia’s coast to our hometown and looking for a used jet ski finance and  sale in the local area.