Yamaha VX 110 Jet Ski

Yamaha are famous for their innovation in the world of personal watercraft – they developed nanotechnology for their hulls which lightens their craft while still keeping it tough, and they were the first to develop a four-stroke engine for a jet-ski – something light enough to keep a craft nimble on the water while also being resistant to the sometimes hostile marine environment, as the salty, debris-filled ocean can be tough on moving parts.

With the new VX series, Yamaha chose a target price, and then challenged their engineers to build the best four stroke engine they could according to the price. Working under that challenge, Yamaha's engineers were able to produce the Yamaha VX 110 Personal Watercraft – one of the best options for newcomers to the world of jet skiing.

Features and Design of the Yamaha VX 110

Affordable while still being good quality, the VX 110 comes with all the essential features we know and love in a Yamaha jet ski. With an ergonomic design, responsive engine and excellent fuel economy, Yamaha were able to slash the price of this craft right down to the bones. Like its big sisters, the FX range, the three-seater VX 110 comes with a scratch resistant, completely black hull (no unsightly white scratches!), a progressive v-hull with a spray guard to minimise bow spray, a generous 57 lt of storage space, duel mirrors for excellent visibility, and an extra large, stable re-boarding platform fitted out with Hydro-Turf mats. The same non-skid material carpets the necessary places on your deck to prevent slipping and give you a nice foothold as you ride.

The VX 110 is powered by a zippy 52cc 4-stroke engine that comes with 110 horsepower at 8000 RPM. This is a compact, ultra-lightweight, nicely performing, liquid cooled engine that comes with Yamaha's cherished reliability record.

Enhanced Visibility and Control Mechanism

A quirky feature of this and all Yamaha boat finance jet skis is the Visibility Spout, a high plume of water from the rear of the craft that improves the watercraft's conspicuous when you're out on the ocean. This is definitely a help when you are sharing the beach with other people, to make sure that they can see your watercraft as you ride.

The seat is a comfortable single-piece arrangement which lifts up for easy access to the engine. The VX sport hull is designed to be light and strong, and the dash is comprehensive: you have a multifunction electronic information centre that tells you your speed, RPM, fuel level and hour meter. The control panel also has safety features built into it – a low fuel warning, an overheating warning, low oil pressure warning, and a self-diagnostic tool to check for any problems.

Far from being a bare-bones affair, the VX 110 comes with the features that you need and want without the huge price tag to go along with them – including some features never seen on PWCs before. Even the glovebox has been designed with riders in mind. The glove box is insulated and has its own drink holder inside, so that you always have refreshment on hand. The compartment also has a place for a transmitter, and the holder itself comes out easily. To cut down on costs, there is no aft storage, however.

The VX 110 has a reverse control within easy reach of the rider, and is surprisingly easy to control in reverse – which can be a problem with all jet-powered craft. In drive, it can reach top speeds of 80km an hour, and accelerates from 0 – 60 in 3.8. This PWC turns well for an exhilarating and thrilling ride.

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