Getting the Most from Cheap Interest Rates

It’s not surprising that many people are looking to take advantage of the current low interest rates to tick ‘buying a boat’ off their bucket list, upgrade to a bigger boat or invest in new marine vessels for their business. Interest rates are low and not expected to be increased for some time. So yes, now is a good time to talk to Jade Boat Loans about a cheap interest rate boat loan.

Interest rates form the basis of every finance deal but they should not be considered in isolation (even during coronavirus lockdown!). Often a ‘low interest rate loans’ advertisement may conceal high fees and charges which negate the positive effects of the low rates. If you’re fixated on low interest rates, you need to get a complete boat loan quote and see exactly what you will be paying in total on the loan over the full loan term when all fees and charges etc are included.

At Jade Boat Loans we source the cheapest interest rates all the time, not just when the official interest rate is at historic lows. It’s our trademark move and we’ve stuck to it during our 20+ years in operation.

To ensure you get the most from the current low interest rate scenario and our Jade cheap interest rates, you need to be across some of the detail – we explain.

  • Lenders and banks will have different interest rates for different types of loans, ie homes, cars, boats, depending on how they assess the risk for each category and their experience and involvement in that sector.
  • Interest rates offered to individuals will vary depending on the risk assessment made by the lender and the current market finance climate
  • Rates vary from lender to lender based on their costs in sourcing their own funds and how they price different loans.
  • Interest rates for personal loans will usually be higher than for business loans for the same category of goods.
  • Interest rates on unsecured loans are usually higher than on secured loans due to no security being offered against the loan.

Finding Cheap Interest Rate Boat Finance

  • Jade Boat Loans has managed to source cheap interest rate boat loans consistently over a very long time due to the way we approach our business.
  • We are accredited with a multitude of banks and lenders including industry-only sources.
  • Our wider choice gives us more options which gives you a deeper search for the cheapest rates.
  • We negotiate hard! We’re finance brokers! It’s our job to bargain with lenders on behalf of our customers to get the best deals.
  • If you try to search for the cheapest interest rates yourself, it will take you time, usually some frustration and you’ll have to make multiple applications to get multiple quotes. Big task that very few people have the patience to engage in.

So using the services of a finance broker that specialises in marine finance and boat loans – ie Jade Boat Loans, you have a better chance of securing that all-important cheap interest rate boat loan.

Optimising Your Boat Loan

Many people fixate on interest rates when equal consideration should be given to how you personally are going to optimise the whole cheap interest rate scenario.

We’re talking structuring your boat loan to take advantage of low rates AND achieve your financial goals. Essentially, do you want lower monthly repayments or do you want to finalise your loan faster and own your boat outright sooner? That’s a personal decision that you will have to make yourself. If you feel you require additional advice, we recommend you consult with your financial advisor or accountant.

  • When compared with higher rates, cheap boat loans interest rates can reduce monthly repayments over the same loan term.
  • Alternatively, you can utilise the cheaper rates to pay a higher monthly repayment and reduce your loan term.
  • Higher monthly repayments over a shorter term means you will be paying less total interest on the total finance package.
  • If cash flow is important to you, then lower repayments could be the more effective strategy.

Achieving this level of flexibility in your boat loan structure is not always straightforward when you approach the bank or lender yourself to arrange your loan.

But it is an essential component of the Jade Boat Loans service. Your consultant will discuss your financial objectives and present you with the options so you can make an informed decision.

We negotiate with the lender, not just on the all essential cheap interest rates but on the terms and conditions of your boat loan. Achieving the best scenario possible to meet your requirements.

Sourcing a Cheap Boat Loan

Just contact Jade Boat Loans as your first port of call. It’s that easy.

  • We have access to lenders that specialise in boat finance and offer the best rates.
  • We have the negotiating skills to bargain the best rates and most suitable terms and conditions for you.
  • We’re working for you and only in your best interests.
  • We handle cheap boat loans for all types of boats – large and small, power and sail, trailer boats, fishing boats, sports boats, jet skis, yachts and luxury cruisers – the entire fleet!

While interest rates are low, now’s the time to make your boat-owning or upgrading dreams a reality.

If you’re ready to talk cheap boat loans, call Jade Boat Loans 1300 000 003 and have an initial discussion with one of our consultants.