Help the Snap Back: Support Australian Boat Builders

During the COVID-19 pandemic the importance of secure supply lines and sovereignty were under the spotlight. Businesses redeployed resources and pivoted to manufacture equipment which was being difficult to source from traditional international suppliers. As the economic recovery from the pandemic is underway, support for Australian businesses, especially manufacturers is being promoted heavily. Buyers are being more encouraged more than ever to assist the economy to ‘snap back’ as we aspire to a V-shaped recovery by supporting our local industries.

To assist the efforts, we’re highlighting some of our great Australian boat builders and backing it up with cheap boat loans Australia owned, Jade Boat Loans.

Australian-made Boats

Whether you’re after a tinnie or a luxury motor yacht, you have a great selection of boats which are made right here in Australia.

  • Stessco Aluminium Boats is a Queensland-based manufacturer of a great range of trailer-boat for fishing, family fun and exploring the waterways. The range is available from a network of dealers around the country.
  • TABS – Tough Aussie Boats is based in Queensland and builds, as the name implies, tough trailer boats. The range includes bowriders, centre consoles, half-cabins, sport designs and many other functional tough boats that are built for Aussie conditions.
  • Quintrex – it doesn’t get more Australian than a Quintrex tinnie. The company has been manufacturing aluminium boats in Australia for generations and the name is synonymous with quality. The range extends from the classic tinnie, through cabin boats, runabouts, bowriders and more. Check out your local dealer.
  • Maritimo Luxury Motor Yachts sit at the luxury end of the cruiser market and are crafted right here in Australia. The range includes flybridge, sedan and coupe models all built with engineering excellence and luxurious appointments.
  • Riviera has become the standard for cruisers in Australia and developed into a global leader. The range includes models and lengths to suite all styles of boating. Visit their website or their facility in Queensland or contact your local dealer.
  • Evolution Boats is based in Melbourne and manufactures fibreglass boats and accessories primarily for the keen fisher.
  • Whittley Boats was established in 1953 initially building timber boats but turning to fibreglass when it was developed in the 1960s. The range now includes a vast array of models for water skiing, fishing, cruising and just generally messing around in boats.
  • Steber Boats was founded in 1946 and originally built timber boats. The business evolved in line with the development of fibreglass and is now a well-known and highly respected manufacturer of recreational and commercial boats, located on the NSW mid-north coast.
  • Bar Crusher is a Victorian-based boat manufacturer that describes its boats as ‘fishing weapons’. Built for performance and excitement with their own innovative technologies.

There are other Aussie boat manufacturers that you can support. So whether you’re looking for a new or a used boat, consider buying an Australian brand.

Australian-Made Cheap Boat Loans

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Personal Boat Loans

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Business Marine Finance

Suppose you operate a marine business and are purchasing a boat for your business. In that case, we offer the complete range of commercial finance products: Marine Chattel Mortgage, Marine Commercial Hire Purchase and Boat Leasing. Your consultant will structure the loan to suit your cash flow, ROI and your business objectives.

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