Using A Professional Boat Finance Specialist from Jade

A better way to a better boat loan

When seeking finance to purchase a boat, you have essentially three options: apply to the bank, go directly to a finance company or use a professional marine finance broker such as Jade Boat Loans.

If you’ve never used a broker for finance before now may be the right time to start as a marine finance specialist from Jade offers many advantages and benefits over the alternatives.

Loans for All Boats and All People

Firstly, we dispel the myth that a boat finance broker service are only suitable for businesses, which large and complex financial requirements.

Both businesses purchasing commercial vessels and private individuals buying recreational boats are most welcome to utilise the services of a professional marine finance specialist from Jade and take advantage of the rewards.

So if you’re in need of yacht finance, a jetski loan or PWC, a luxury cruiser, a vintage craft for restoration or a commercial vessel, you can be comfortable and confident that your Jade consultant is working in your best interests.

Your Jade marine specialist is working for you, providing exceptional customer service to ensure you receive the best boat finance deal possible and we have gained another new client, whom we can assist again, in the future for your other financial requirements.

Specialty Loans

Many banks and finance companies do not have a specialty marine boat finance product within their company’s portfolio. When you apply for a bank or finance company boat loan, you may be offered a substitute, general loan which may be at a higher boat loan rate or not have the flexibility to suit your requirements.

Jade Boat Loans are specialists in marine finance. The selection of loan products we have in our portfolio is not limited to what is offered by one or two lenders. We are accredited with over 40 financial lenders, some global and available only through industry not directly by customer and each of those has many loan products. So we have access to hundreds of loan products so we can select the right one to suit you.
This includes specialty boat and marine finance. We don’t make you fit into our loans, we find a loan that actually fits you!

We are specialists in commercial marine finance and can arrange the right package to suit your business: chattel mortgage, leasing or CHP.

Flexible Loan Structure

When applying direct to a bank or finance company for a boat loan, you and your boat need to fit within their strict company guidelines for loan applications. If you or your boat don’t meet their guidelines, your application will likely not be approved, or you will be offered a higher interest rate loan.

This is especially important if you have credit issues or not all the documentation they require.
Jade Boat Loans specialists have the flexibility to select a loan with specifications that you do meet and we have the expertise to structure your application for approval.

Our consultants are sourcing very attractive loan options every week for people who fall outside the bank guidelines, have credit issues or no documentation.

We can even arrange pre-approved boat loans so you can set your boat purchase budget before you start looking, confident in the knowledge that Jade has delivered you a great boat loan.

Cheaper, Better Boat Finance Solutions

Your Jade Boat Loan specialist is driven by our overriding corporate philosophy – to deliver you a better, cheaper boat finance solution.

We are extremely proud of our track record in assisting our customer to achieve their own financial objectives by consistently delivering better, more attractive loan deals.

We know how the banks price their loans and with hundreds more products to select from, we have the capability to be more competitive in sourcing you a better option. We know exactly where to find a cheaper solution for your boat purchase.

Dealing with a Jade broker saves you a lot of time, which could also mean money to you. We survey the loan market to save you the time of applying to multiple lenders to get competitive quotes. No need for you to take time off work to make phone calls, attend loan application interviews with multiple people – Jade do that for you!

Informed, Personalised Service

From your first conversation with our marine finance specialists, you will realise that you are dealing with people that are willing to work in your best interests and we understand boats.

As marine finance specialists, we are tuned to both the finance market and the boat market. Your Jade consultant will handle all the paperwork and arrangements for your boat loan and even provide guidelines, hints and advice in regard to other aspects of your boat purchase.

Jade operate online with extensive resources so you can keep in touch with the progress of your loan.
And if you are in a hurry to move on your boat purchase, just ask for a fast loan approval!

Experience, Australia-wide, Accreditation

When using a Jade marine finance specialist you can be assured that while we have specialist marine expertise, we are not limited to one sector. Jade Boat Loans is part of a large financial services company, Jade Equipment Finance, which is fully licensed, accredited and a member of the FBAA.

The FBAA comes under the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) and requires all members to work to their strict Code of Practice. This gives you the assurance that your Jade marine finance specialist has the qualifications and training to assist you in selecting your boat loan.

If you want a better boat loan, speak with Jade Boat Loans and discover the benefits of using a marine finance specialist.